Education is about preparing a child for life. To impart truly collaborative learning experience, we have introduced interactive whiteboards that bring truly magical moments. Our curriculum incorporates this approach to transform the way we teach and the children learn.


Our curriculum is child centric, child initiated and is based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The theory proposed by Howard Gardner differentiates intelligences into various specific modalities - linguistic, mathematical, kinesthetic, inter/intra personal, musical and spatial. Hence, this fundamental understanding explains that children learn in different ways and diverse paces. Our curriculum incorporated this approach to transform the way we teach and the children learn.


The curriculum has defined ‘learning objectives’ assessed weekly - this is age appropriate and works as a tool to measure the progress. The theme based integrated learning includes – Language, Mathematical Skills, Science, General Awareness & Logical Reasoning. This clear focus ensures that each child’s learning and knowledge goals are achieved regularly by internal mapping and parent feedback.


The syllabus is theme based and the concepts are formulated through activities, field trips and constant interaction. The learning are the outcome of actual experience and are fun-filled and exploratory. Monthly themes are done to expose the children to various countries – the idea is to familiarize the children to various culture across the globe.